Revealed Love Ministries would like to show its donators the difference they make through our Sponsor's Page. Donors will be able to create an account, that will be verified by Revealed Love staff, that will give them access to the Sponsored Children's pictures and biographies. 

Parents of sponsored children that wish to participate in this activity will have to use the button below to access and fill out a consent form before their child's information be placed on the Sponsored Children's page. If you want to know more about how Revealed Love is protecting your privacy, please view our privacy statement from our "About Us" page.
Please email your completed consent form to and one of our volunteers will approve it within a few business days. Then they will send you a username and password for the Sponsored Children webpage. If a donor would like to view the webpage, please reach out to the same email address,, with proof of your transaction and one of our volunteers will respond within a few business days. Thank you so much!
Down below is the link to the Sponsored Children's page