To be known for loving God and others

Revealing God's love by serving others

July 12, 2021

Revelations 3:8 “ I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name”.

We so excited to share with you some great and exciting things that Revealed Love has been working on. As most of you know, we have an ongoing work in Tacloban amongst the children and the youth. We have a weekly feeding program in 8 villages that feeds more than 800 children. Two months ago we started a 5 day week tutorial program in 1 village and this week we also started another tutorial program in another village. We cater to elementary and high school students. Many elementary kids still don’t know basic math and many of them can’t read. They attend public schools before the pandemic but they learned very little. Our goal is for the children to learn how to read, write and know basic math.

Recently a huge opportunity opened up for Revealed Love. There is a current situation in Tacloban City that is not good when it comes to the children living in poverty. Each day, more and more children are found wandering on the streets, fighting to survive in any way possible, children who end up working as beggars, scavengers, parking boys, laborers and some even engaging in prostitution to sustain their daily needs at a very young age. Due to hunger many of the youths are using glue solvent which is equivalent to an addictive drugs that leads to mental and emotional impairment. Another problem is the rising cases of riots with the youth and has now become deadly. Many of these children belong to poor families who squatted in public land along the seawall. They live in huts and their parents have no jobs with no assistance from the government for food. Some of the children are orphans who live in the streets.

A week ago the government in Tacloban reached out to us. Several government employees are aware of our work among the children in different villages. They have also seen great results in one of the resettlement sites that we have adopted so they asked us to launch and run the City Youth program. They also said, that we are also the only ministry and the only NGO “non government organization” who works consistently with the children and the youth in Tacloban for many years now. They committed to provide the needed financial resources, facility and personnel security for the City Youth program. They have given RLM the authority to create and organize the program with their assistance.

Last Saturday, we launched the City Youth program and we had over 85 elementary age kids. The kids responded very well and they were all excited to meet our team. Our next meeting will be with the youth. We are anticipating to have over 200 children (elementary & high school) in the next two months.

Our short term goal is to build relationships with the youth and help lead them to make better decisions. Our activities will include feeding, tutorial, bible study, dance class, art class, and sports activities.

We know that the Lord presented and opened a huge door for us. We have little strength for we don’t have enough volunteers to help us run the programs. I believe and trust the Lord that He will help us and equip us to succeed in our assignment. Without the Lord, we will fail.

In September, I will be going to Tacloban to help establish our goal and to meet with the government. Please pray for me as I travel and as I deal with travel restrictions and COVID protocols in the Philippines. Please pray for God to help us lead well. Please pray that we will have strength, wisdom and are covered with God’s protection.

We are so grateful for your prayers and your support. I know that your prayers have helped me and our ministry in such a powerful way. We are grateful that you have stood with us for years and have encouraged us. So, thank you!

Blessings to you all.

Aubrey Lyle