To be known for loving God and others

Revealing God's love by serving others


About Us


Mission Statement

To reach the lost, the broken and the poor and share the good news through 

demonstration of God's love by meeting the needs of others.


Our Story

In November 8, 2013 super typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines causing a storm surge of over 4 meters killing over 7,300 people. The devastation was great and many were displaced with no food to eat or water to drink. Several months after the typhoon, the Lyle family together with their friends went to Tacloban for a mission trip. They fed the children, spent time with them with singing, dancing and sharing the story of Jesus. The love of God was revealed in Tacloban through the pain and suffering of the Filipino people. The call to start the charity organization was birthed out of their compassion for the many children that needed food to eat. In 2015 Revealed Love Ministries officially became a non-profit 501(c)3 charity organization. 


Jeff and Aubrey Lyle

Founder and President

Children: Audrey and Christian (son-in-law), Renee, Alana and Robyn

Grandchildren: Lincoln and Waverly

Jeff and Aubrey founded the ministry in 2015 with the commitment to serve the broken, hurting and the poor. They are both missionaries to the Philippines, India and wherever the Lord leads them to go. Aubrey has baptized, mentored, and discipled many children, youth and young adults.  ​Jeff and Aubrey have led bible studies with the inmates at a detention center in Virginia since 2016. The Lyle's mission is to reveal the love of the Father to each person and to help others fulfill their God given purpose.

“Just as the Father sent me, so I am sending you.” - John 20:21


Our Team

Neil Steiner

Board of Director
Neil grew up as a missionary kid in Monaco where he learned to speak French. He has a heart for missions and is a committed servant of Jesus and the church.

Kevin Maynard

Board of Director
Kevin served in the US Air Force and currently resides in Maryland. Kevin and his wife Joann have a deep love for poor children in the Philippines and other nations. Their zeal and passion to see lives and cities transformed are very contagious. 

Dale Wafer

Board of Director
Dale is a lover of Jesus. He is mentor to young adults and has led many to Christ.

Myra Adarne Williams  

Tacloban Outreach Director 

Myra grew up in the orphanage in Tacloban Philippines together with her 4 siblings. Growing up in the orphanage gave her a genuine love for the children. Myra started directing our Tacloban Ministry in 2017. She also expanded our outreach outside of Tacloban building several teams working in our Feeding Program. Myra now resides in Las Vegas with her husband but she still directs our different activities. She coordinates the feeding and tutorial program and leads online bible studies with the youth.


Raymart Adarne

Tacloban Outreach Coordinator

Raymart aka “Makmak” is Myra’s brother. He also grew up in the orphanage. Makmak is a dad of two girls and has been a part of the ministry since 2017. He has a very soft spot for the children and wants to do everything he can to serve others. His joyful and childlike heart is contagious and kids just love him. 

Tacloban Team