REVEALED LOVE MINISTRIES is a faith based missional 501(c)3 ministry whose purpose is to spread the Gospel of Jesus to all of the world, as well as provide humanitarian aid to local and foreign ministries. The ministry will reach out to the lost, the broken and the poor in order to share the Good News through demonstration of power, love and discipline. Our desire is to reach out to those that need physical or spiritual help.  

Our organization started in 2014 with a mission to love God and to love people.  Love is a choice and shown to others regardless of age, gender, race and religion. Love is putting others needs above ours. Love is caring for somebody. Love is giving. Love is the hope that many people are looking for. 


To reach the lost, the broken and the poor and share the good news through demonstration of God's love by helping the needs of others.


Loving God and loving others.


Revealed Love Ministries is committed to protecting the personal information we may collect from children (13 or younger) on our website and activities. When we intend to collect personal information from children, we take additional steps to protect children's privacy, including:

- Notifying parents about our information practices with regard to children, including the types of personal information we may collect from children, the uses to which we may put that information, and whether and with whom we may share that information;

- In accordance with applicable law, and our practices, obtaining consent from parents for the collection of personal information from their children, or for sending information about our services directly to their children;

- Limiting our collection of personal information from children to no more than is reasonably necessary to participate in an online activity; and

- Giving parents access or the ability to request access to personal information we have collected from their children and the ability to request that the personal information be changed or deleted.

For more information about our privacy statement please reach out to