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To be known for loving God and others.

Three years ago was the first time I met John Lloyd. I knew he had a special place in my heart. Every time I came to visit him my love for him grew not only for him but for his entire family of eight. The house he lives in is made up of salvaged materials from the super typhoon in 2013. The house is not structurally sound. I would like to raise $2,500 to help rebuild their house. If you would like to help please donate any amount by clicking "Partner with us" and write John Lloyd on the memo. I know their family (6 children) will be entirely grateful and I will feel better knowing their house is safe for them to live in. - Aubrey Lyle


I would like to thank those that prayed and financially supported us on this mission trip. We are so grateful. What we did would not have been possible without your help. 

It has been an incredible four weeks for me. Thank God there has been no earthquakes. I experienced 3 weeks of daily power outages that lasts 3-4 hours. On my fourth week the power was fully restored.

Allow me to share the work that we did and the people that was involved in making it happen. 

We were able to launch the house church called "Lifehouse" that meets every Friday night. We also have leadership training every Monday night for the youth. My first week in the Philippines I was accompanied by Pastor Jeff Redabaugh of Park Valley Church Manila and his team. Jeff, Neil Steiner, Julie Toy and Ruthie Hoisington joined me on my third week.

Below is the list of what we were able to accomplish in four weeks:
1. Launched the Lifehouse
2. We were able to raise and establish the leaders that will keep the ministry going in Tacloban. 
3. We had around 100 salvations (children, youth, adults and orphans).
4. We fed around 100 children every week.
5. We visited an orphanage and share the gospel to them. Many orphans received Jesus.
6. We ministered to around 200 jail inmates (male and female) three days a week.
7. We have seen God perform miracles of healing on people's body.
8. We baptized 10 youth at the beach.
9. We provided some toiletries for the men in a smaller jail facility.

Continued Effort:
1. House church service every Friday.
2. Saturday outreach and discipleship in the other village every week.
3. Leaders training on Monday nights.
4. Weekly bible study in the orphanage led by our leader Myra Adarne.

Our future plans and goals:
1. Feed street kids on a weekly basis. The street kids are not in school so we plan to bring the school to them by providing tutorials. Our hope is to gain their trust so we can help rescue them.
2. To have a mobile school. This initiative will provide as a supplement to the kids learning. Each public classroom holds close to 60 students. Third and fourth graders still don't know how to read well. We received a design for a mobile school created by Mitsubishi Motors. All we need is the funding to make it a reality.
3. To raise more leaders so we can multiply the house church in the area.
4. To open a Christian orphanage. Our Tacloban ministry leader Myra Adarne grew up as an orphan together with her brothers and sisters. She also worked at an orphanage for years. She has the love, passion and the knowledge to run an orphanage. Our goal is to raise orphans to know the love of God and to become warriors for the kingdom. We want these orphans to discover their identity as the children of God and not as orphans. We want them to discover their purpose and to know that they are significant and valuable. 
5. Mission trip 2017 schedule for March and August.
6. In two months we are planning a rebuilding effort for one of the poor families in the village. Their house is made from the salvaged materials from the super typhoon in 2013. The house is not structurally sound.